Toric Technologies is a joint venture between True North Automation based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada specialising in oil & gas automation and Calibre Resources Industrial Technology Division based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in mining, communications, materials handling, automation, rail systems and integrated operations.

Bringing together industry leading expertise in mining and oil & gas operating technology to deliver greater performance and productivity to the resources industry.

Increased levels of automation and autonomous systems across all sectors of the resources industry that operate intelligently and improve safety are redefining the operational model of many companies. Technology is helping companies to reduce total effort and the consumption of energy, resources and materials to improve productivity. Collectively, advances in technology are redefining what it means to be competitive in the future of the resources industry. Resource companies typically operate in remote locations frequently in harsh environments constrained by limits on operational staff and access to specialist expertise. The capability to offer remote support to field staff and operational technology systems becomes a key driver for operational efficiency and maintaining production availability as systems become increasingly integrated. Toric Technologies assists clients with communications and mobility systems expertise for delivery of competitive edge technologies.

Advances in technology are redefining what it means to be competitive in the future of the resources industry.

Integration of operations and the use of integrated operations centres, provide central visibility of all operational data and the capability to coordinate and improve business productivity. Integrated operations are underpinned by the optimisation and standardisation of autonomy, automation and communication systems to provide consistent, simple and repeatable improvements at all levels of the business. Toric Technologies can assist from basic site instrumentation and control, through the entire operational technology platform for production reporting and integration to provide and maintain a competitive advantage. Simplification and standardisation is seen as a counter strategy to increasing system complexity that elevates field support and management required. Toric Technologies offers pragmatic and modular systems, that when implemented throughout operational and major capital projects, achieve the platform required for long term optimal performance. To assist resource clients achieve sustainable development and productivity improvements within their operational systems, Toric Technologies offers a diverse set of vendor neutral expertise encompassing automation, optimisation, communications, rail and integrated operations. Toric Technologies has the capability to perform operations support, simulation training, and systems integration (SI), main automation contracts (MAC), EPC, EPCM or client representation, as part of a dedicated program of works or large multi-disciplinary project delivery team.